Remove link in new editor is hanging the process


We are editing one template we made with the new editor.

Everything is working well except that on a single line item we have to edit the url (for the read more).

The writer is doing that by removing the url and then adding a new one (I know it sound a little bit silly but people are like that) instead of editing the link.

Every time he clicks on remove link, everything is stopped and the he is unable to continue.

We are working on a Mac with Safari 5.1.  I could reproduce the thing on my side also.

Any idea?

David Coppoolse, 6 years ago

We are having the same problem, both with Firefox 5 and Chrome 11. They hang for a very long time, Firefox eventually tells you a script is taking a long time and then you can cancel the action.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi grabit and David, we'd like to look into why this is happening in your accounts - could you kindly contact our support team with campaign/template details, plus the browser details you've provided above? We'll work to reproduce this on our end and reach a fix.

So sorry about this, guys - we've still got a couple of wrinkles to iron out and really appreciate your help. Thank you for your patience with us.

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