Project For Developer Who Knows Campaign Monitor's API

Company provides marketing services to financial advisory firms.

One service is E-Newsletters, which let the advisory firm sign-up and manage subscribers and subscriber groups, compose emails utilizing Company content, and write their own email newsletters.

E-Newsletters requires compliance supervision workflow wherein all emails are reviewed and approved prior to sending to subscribers.

Company wants to utilize Campaign Monitor (CM), using CM's API to integrate its functionality.

Emails must be reviewed by compliance analysts. Only pre-approved content is presented to the advisor for use in e-newsletters. The pre-approvals are made by a compliance analyst.  Advisory firm is able to edit parts of the email such as subject, intro, footers and disclosures. This functionality is already in the current E-Newsletter system and must be retained when integrating with CM.  CM supports the blocking of  access to email sending functionality , yet still provide access to report and subscriber functions.

Please reply with your experience with CM's API and any other relevant experience.

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