What's the easiest way to show my client my sample templates?


Not sure if anyone else has had this problem but I haven't found an easy way to show clients the templates we've created for them. What we'll do is take one or more of the email templates from CM, adapt to the clients branding, and add to their client account. At this point I just want to show them so they can say which they like and provide feedback.

Although it's easy for me to see templates from the admin account, there is no direct templates link from the client's login, and the URL of the template only works from my login. This means I have to set up a test campaign and the client then has to go through and pretend to edit in order to see the template. Sometimes I have to do this several times for different concepts.

I'm probably being dense but does anyone know a simple way for me to let clients look at the templates I've added? A direct URL would be ideal, or just an area of their account where they can click through them. Thanks.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi benjonjeffery, welcome to the forums - there isn't really a convenient way to round up and review multiple  templates from the client's account, I'm sorry to say. My advice would be create sample campaigns from each of the templates and get the web version links for each of them, then provide these to your client.

Of course, this is certainly not ideal, so I'll add your request internally for a way of showcasing templates from within a client's account. Thanks for writing in!

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