Android Phone for testing

Hello there,

We're looking at buying a handset running Android for testing email rendering. Currently we use an iPhone 3 and 4 for testing so wondered if anyone had any recommendations for a handset that differs on screen resolution compared to the iPhone 3 or 4.


James Ashcroft.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi James, we currently use a Google Nexus S as our primary Android testing phone here. It has a screen res of 480x800 (compared to the iPhone 4's 640x960). We chose the Google Nexus as its predecessor was the most widely used Android phone at time of purchase, not to mention that it's pretty good to use :)

If you have any questions about testing on an Android device, don't hesitate to ask. For one, you're going to find that the default email client is head-and-shoulders above Android Gmail, despite most folks using the latter :/

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jamesashcroft, 6 years ago

thanks Ros, we'll see if we can get hold of one.

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