Mixing v2 and v3 of the API?

  We currently have a custom website and e-commerce package developed in Coldfusion. 
Currently, I believe our individual email list sign up form and our email list signup during checkout is handled by v2 of the API.

I think our individual form greatly needs some redesign, and ultimately, I would like to add some functionality to the information gathered within the checkout process. But the request form would be a simpler project to start with.

My concern is that to update that form, we'd have to move to v3 and regenerate our API key.
If we do that, will it break the shopping cart code that would still be using the v2 key?

In other words, can we update to using API v3 in stages or do we need to recode all usage simultaneously?

Any clarification would be hugely appreciated.
Thank you!

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

Hey Elizabeth,

If you're currently using v2 of the API, you don't need to re-generate your API key to use v3. However, if you're using v1 (very old now), you'll need to re-generate your API key to use v2 or v3.

If you can tell us which URLs you're using to access the API, we can tell you which version of the API you're using. Otherwise, if you contact support with your site URL, we'll be able to look up API calls being made on behalf of your account.

ebbhitch, 6 years ago

Our solo email form uses:  "http://hitchcockshoessizes5-24.cmail1.com/s/######/"

Our checkout page uses: cfhttp method="post" url="http://hsi.createsend.com/t/y/s/@@@@@/"

I'm clearing out the last numbers and letters so I'm not making our web links completely public I hope!!


jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

It seems like you're not using the API itself, but rather just subscribing people using the endpoints we provide for form subscription.

The API is documented here if you need to use it, otherwise you can continue using our subscription endpoints as documented here.

ebbhitch, 6 years ago

Oh. then that'll be even easier for getting the changes made! Thank you for clearing this up!

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