User interface since update to editor

Hi all,

We have been happily working with the new editor without really thinking about it. That is until one of our clients (who is about our biggest user) has said if the editor doesn't change they are off elsewhere.

I was shocked and asked what the problem was and what they were using to access the editor.

They are using IE8 on a Windows PC running a screen res of 1024 x 768. So I changed my PC to the same settings and its awful!

This is not a terribly low screen res but to use the editor on a longer article I have 3 vertical scroll bars on my screen which is horrible. I agree with them that it is virtually unusable.

This is a premium product with premium prices so I am a little surprised that CM let this launch with this sort of UI issue.

Can someone from CM comment or let me know if this has been mentioned before/is being resolved or we will end up losing our largest client which will mean us looking elsewhere for this service. And I don't say that lightly, we have been a very long term customer.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi SelectMailer, we're really sorry about the poor experience you and your client are having with the editor. We've been concerned about how it displays on screen resolution of 1024x768 and while there's been ongoing work to improve this in the last few weeks, we've also been met with issues like the scrollbars you're seeing, too.

A bit of background: on smaller displays, we've attempted to ensure that while the height of the WYSIWYG editor is no higher than screen dimensions, the 'Save changes' button is always visible and pinned to the bottom of the browser window. Unfortunately, this has resulted in us introducing scrollbars when the editor panes take up more vertical space than the browser window can fit.

But that said, we agree that there is vast room for improvement. While we can't promise sweeping changes to how the editor appears on smaller displays, we are continuing to make beneficial changes and will keep you informed as we progress.

Again, we're really sorry about this, yet are very thankful for both your feedback and that of other customers who have reported similar issues.

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SelectMailer SelectMailer, 6 years ago

Hi roshodgekiss

Thanks for your comments and I'm pleased that you have already noted the issue.

Can I ask if there is a specific change planned to make the editor usable as your response hinted that it was unlikely much would actually change?

I ask because we are going to lose this client and a large percentage of our income.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Selectmailer, as mentioned earlier, we've made progressive changes to improve usability on smaller displays, based on the feedback we've received. That your client should find the editor to be virtually unusable even after these changes is a concern to us, as while the experience at 1024x768 and below is not optimal, it should still be functional.

It's really hard to say if there will be a single future change that will improve the editor substantially in this scenario. However, I do know that the client will benefit from using a higher-res display, if possible. I understand this is a really hard ask, but it will ensure that your client can make the most out of the editor, both now and into the future.

Is it possible for you to send a screenshot of what your client is experiencing and the client's details to support [at] We most certainly want to understand how we can improve and keep you in the loop regarding any changes.

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