Updating email content for a campaign after sending a test

Hi there,

We've integrated our custom CMS with CM before. Things worked but it was a bit clunky to say the least. I've now been tasked with freshening things up.

We seem to be experiencing some issues with stale email content and I'm trying to get to the bottom of things.

Our clients construct an email using our editor, the resulting HTML and plaintext are made available at URLs which we supply to CM when a campaign is created through our CMS.

One thing I'm confused about is whether or not these URLs are revisited. For example, our client puts an email together, adds a campaign and tests it. They notice an error in the email, fix it and retests or sends the campaign for real. Will CM grab the new email content from the URLs automatically, test for a Last Modified HTTP header or is there an API call that I'm missing that will instruct CM to refresh its content?

Thanks in advance for any help!

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

We don't re-visit the URL you provide for your content when your campaign is actually sent, for the simple reason that we validate everything at the point of importing the campaign from your URL.

If we were to do this again at the point of sending your campaign and found anything wrong with the content provided at the URL, we would either have to cancel the send or do something else. Either way, that is not how the import process works.

We allow the content to be edited inline after it has been imported within our web app, where we can validate it immediately. We do not allow you to do this kind of editing via the API.

If you are working exclusively via the API, then in the event that you need to update the content of a draft campaign after you have imported it and before you have sent it, you will need to delete that existing draft and re-import your campaign.

Hope that clarifies things.

nevstokes, 6 years ago

Well that's...disappointing.

Thanks for your reply.

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