Syncing subscribers and content between CM accounts

I'm looking for an existing tool or a developer who can build this for us.

I work for an design agency and we recently signed up a new client that we want to add to Campaign Monitor. However, this client requires a specific set up as they have a franchise model within their business. What they want is for each of their franchisees to have a CM account that they can manage themselves and send out campaigns. However, they also want an additional account for their head office that syncs with all the franchisee accounts and vice versa.

So for example, if Franchise A creates a subscriber list, then that subscriber list should also appear in the Corporate account and if the Corporate account also adds a subscriber to that same list then that change should appear on Franchise A's list. However, if the Coporate account creates a list it shouldn't be synced back to Franchise A.

The subscriber lists are the main thing that needs to be synced. The client also wanted actual campaigns and reports synced as well but I think that will be a bit too much.

So what I was generally imagining (despite my lack of technical expertise in this area), is for a third party app to be created that manages the subscribe and unsubscribe lists and then each CM account syncs to the appropriate list in the third party app.

Does this make sense or sound feasible? Any assistance or recommendations are greatly appreciated.

rob_mccann, 6 years ago

Hi Megan,

The agency I work for, Carswell Gould, develops apps for CampaignMonitor and this looks like something we could help you with.

Do you have a phone number or email address we can contact you on?

Rob McCann,

megan, 6 years ago

Hi Rob,

Thanks for your reply. Apologies my own reply is a couple of days old but I just sent you an email so we can continue talking that way.

Thanks, Megan

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