Calculating Percentages Based on User Defined Field

OK, here's one for you!

I am creating a Facebook App using CreateSend Email List to generate the Form which asks a Question that the "visitor" must select one from a list of 3 possible answers, using the radio button option.

On submitting thier answer, the CreateSend miling list is update....all great!

However, is there a way using HTML coding to access the mailing list on CreateSend externally and do a calculation to determine the % selection of each answer from the subscribers to that list? I then want to display that percentage next to each of the answers on the form?

Or maybe there is a function / API in CreateSend already that provides this information?

I hope I have made some sense!? Any ideas, comments and even sample code!! would be most appreciated!



roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Niall, just to clarify, are you looking to display the percentage of subscribers from a list that have responded to a question?

This sounds like a task for our API. If you're a fairly confident coder, it is possible to do things like retrieve list statistics and then script something up in in your Facebook app - our API docs are a good place to start on a project like this.

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