LastName not being picked up

I have embedded [Lastname, fallback=] into my email html. However, for some reason it is not being merged when I run a "Send the test using a random recipient's details to test personalization". It's driving me crazy. I have reimported the client list twice and deleted and reinserted the personalization string... Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi rpage, the first thing to check is if the random recipient selected actually has a Lastname value. It may be worth creating a test list that definitely has Lastnames, as it could be our app being silly and choosing inappropriate random recipients ;)

If that isn't the case, kindly get in contact with our support team with account and campaign details - we'll be able to check it out for you.

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rpage, 6 years ago

Every column has the correct data. Despite that it will not pick up the Lastname. Have sent in a Technical Support email as suggested.

rpage, 6 years ago

For anyone else out there who trips over this simple error on my part: Feedback from Diana Potter at Campaign Monitor sorted the problem: Her reply was:
I only see 1 word in your Name field in the Men list. If that's the case you would want to use either the [firstname] or [fullname] tag. We have no way of knowing the the one entry is a first or last name, basically the tags work by grabbing the first word or the last word entered. If you only have 1 word then you want to use the firstname or fullname (to grab the whole entry) tags.

The clarification worked a treat.
Thanks Richard

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hey Richard,

Glad I could help.

D. Potter
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