Go to detailed user preferences page after signup

I want to have an extremely simple, email address only form on my client's site. Once the user submits the form, they are added to the list. However, they are then sent to their user profile area where they can then customize all the options about their subscription, i.e. emails on what categories they wish to receive, etc so we can make sure to only send them stuff they are really interested in.

Is this possible?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi sccr410, it is possible to have an email address-only form on your client's site. However, the stuff after that is a little more complex.

In your Campaign Monitor account, you can change the link to the default subscription confirmation screen to one that points to a user profile area, then script something up from there. Depending on your requirements, this could require as little as a PHP script to carry the email address value over to the expanded form, or as much as calls to our API.

So the short answer is that it is possible, however you, or someone else has to be fairly confident coder to make it happen :) We've got a tutorial for a similar type of form - hopefully this will give you some inspiration! :)

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