v2 campaignCreate 314 invalid segment error

I'm trying to set up a campaign with the v2 api (don't have the time authorization to convert to 3).

I'm getting a 314 Invalid segments error when I try and create a campaign:

    $campaign = $cm->campaignCreate(
        "Client From Name",

Can anyone point out why I'm getting the error? I know the ids are correct, and if I leave out the segments it creates fine. Thanks.

abatz, 4 years ago

I got the same error, but not because I don't want to use v3. I am using v3:

gem 'createsend'
       Using createsend (2.1.0)

In development mode it works, but in production mode it fails. Any ideas?

Ken Ken, 4 years ago

Hey, can you contact support at campaignmonitor.com with your account url or the API key you're using so we can check the API logs to see exactly what json we're receiving and why you're receiving that errors? Thanks.


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