Creating an Ajax Subscribe Form

Hi All,

I know there have been topics about this in the part but we're looking for a workaround:

I am trying to integrate the ajax form the problem we are facing is the field names generated as html code contains HYPHEN (-) as VARIABLES of JAVASCRIPT doesnt allow use of HYPHENS(-) we cannnot sent the value
Here is our code
$.post( url, { cm-name: "term",cm-f-nkruhl:"aaa" },

As the form field name (Cm-name) is compulsory to be used as well email we cannot use AJAX as the field name has to be sent as (cm-name) in $.POST method

Is there any other method available so as we can do Form Submission via AJAX

Kind regards,

jamesd jamesd, 6 years ago

We're planning to release an update which will greatly improve the way you can do AJAX subscription in the very near future (hopefully next week). We'll let you know here when we do.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi JP, I believe I just emailed you in regards to the new AJAX subscribe form, but for the benefit of all I'd like to mention that the form is now ready. Here's the blog post with details.

It's much simpler to use than our original version, so hopefully you'll be able to add it to your site(s) with very little effort. If you have any questions about using the form code, feel free to post on the API developer forums and someone on our support team will be happy to respond.

Many thanks for your patience while we've worked on this form - we hope you like it!

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