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I have an account on CM and am now setting up an account for an affiliate. I made the complete setup, even the DKIM and SPF on domain side.

On the tests sent from the affiliate account, the mail got into spam folder on gmail and hotmail, but not yahoo. When I send the same test email from my account, the e-mail hits gmail and hotmail inbox, but yahoo spam folder....

I'm clueless and need help.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi bbnadmin, welcome to the forums! There may be something in your email content that's accidentally tripping off the spam filters in these clients - sometimes it's something as simple as having a URL as text, like 'Visit for more'. If you could kindly contact our support team with account and campaign details, we can take a look and make recommendations for you.

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bbnadmin, 6 years ago



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