Contacting Campaign Monitor's Subscription Database Approval Team

I did not realize this, but there is an approval process for activating a newly uploaded subscription database.

I am a new user or Campaign Monitor and I spent all week tweaking and testing my campaign which I planned to send out this morning (it is 10:40am ET, GMT-5). This is a timely campaign as we start a retail sale tomorrow and I need to get my campaign out quickly.

I am now ready to go and have done all my testing. I spent the morning uploading my database only to find out now that I need to get it approved before I can send out my first campaign. Must admit, if there was any forewarning of the event, I certainly missed reading about it.

Does anyone know if there is a support number I can call to expedite the review of my application for approval of my database? I also discovered just now that the approval team resides in Sydney Australia and it 1:40 am local time. I fear I will not be able to get my database approved in a timely fashion.

Any advice or help or assiatance is greatly appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

Your approval request has been handled (Saturday morning Sydney time), well within the 12 hours we mention, but we do appreciate this can be a hassle. In your account, there was a big yellow box explaining about our approval process and linking to

Once your account has been approved that box disappears, but we do try to make it as painless as possible. Unfortunately, the nature of our service means we have to be very careful about people abusing the system. You will be pleased to know we are expanding our support team to cover a wider time zone and shorten further the approval times.

Sorry for your trouble, and please contact us at support if you have further questions about your account.

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