Have my e-mails been delivered?

Hello CM'ers!

I come to you in great despair as there is something I cannot figure out.
I'm tracking my last e-mail campaign (incredible tools, by the way, just thought I could drop the zillionth compliment about the interface), however some of my recipients with whom I am directly in contact are telling me that they never received my e-mail... And they're not listed as bounced/spam!
I should also mention that all my recipients are on the same e-mail service (by that I mean that they share the same e-mail server, i.e. all end in @thesamedomain.com), and that some have responded without any kind of difficulty.
I also ran the tests through CampaignMonitor, which my template pretty much passed with flying colors.

My question is, can I be sure that e-mails that are listed as "Not Opened" (not Bounced or Spammed) were indeed delivered to my recipients' mail inboxes?

It's probably an obvious one, however it is urgent and I can't seem to figure it out...

Hoping you can get me out of this! Thank you so much.

Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi Rewstah, welcome to the forums :)

It's still nice to know people love our interface! Thank you.

I'm sorry to hear that those emails hadn't arrived. Unfortunately, the nature of email is that there are many factors in deliverability which are out of our control that without a reportable action you can't be sure that the email arrived in an inbox. See why open rates are just an estimate.

I can confirm that emails are leaving as quickly as ever from our side, but we have heard reports in the last couple of days from other people that there have been odd delays in receiving emails somewhere in the relay between our sending server and the receiving ones.

If you can contact support and give us some addresses to look at we'd be happy to confirm exactly when they left our end and provide more information which could be helpful to your IT guys in learning where those emails were held up.

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