Why does this not work?

Hey there everyone.

Working on my first template and need a bit of help with the repeater tag. For some reason this does not allow me to repeat this section, giving me no options to add new or edit.

    <div class="newsitem">
        <img editable="true" label="Logo Image" alt="" src="logo.jpg" style="float:left; padding-left:7px; padding-right:10px; padding-top:10px;" />
        <div style="text-align:left;">
            <p class="newstitle"><singleline label="Edit News Title">News Title</singleline></p>
        <hr />
        <p class="newscontent" align="center"><multiline label="Edit News Item">Text Here</multiline></p>

Any ideas?

Twitchy, 6 years ago

Actually, don't bother. It was that the two add repeater buttons were overlapping. All sorted now. :)

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Nice work, thank you for letting us know! :)

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