Receive confirmation email when a user signs up to your newsletter

Hi All,

Is it possible for campaign monitor to send you an email when a user signs up to your newsletter?

At the moment it does a great job in managing the whole signup/client relationship process with autoresponders, however I was hoping to be notified each time a user signs up, rather than having to check it manually.

This is more to push instant notifications to my clients after they receive a lead from their enquiry form.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi David, welcome to the forums! At present, it isn't possible to receive an email when someone signs up using our standard forms, however I do know that you can set this up using Wufoo forms and notifications, then push subscribers to your lists with their Campaign Monitor integration. From my knowledge the notifications that Wufoo send are instant.

Alternately, if you or someone you know is a savvy coder, you could possibly code up a script to send an email notification, whenever someone signs up on your form. Hope this helps!

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dparrelli, 5 years ago

Hi Rosanne,

That helps me immensely! I'll have to work around it. Thanks for the quick response :)

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