Complimentary Products? Anyone?

My design company has been plugging away somewhat successfully the last 10 years. We are at a stage where we need to look at making some changes to stimulate growth. I am very excited about Mailbuild and Campaign Monitor and am looking forward to finishing our implementation and offering to our existing client base and new clients.

However, one of the products in our strategy is a website development module. I have been using a custom one I developed years ago but isn't very efficient and ends up still being a lot of custom work. Does anyone have any recommendations on a product for websites that has similar ease of use as mailbuild?

I have a few that I am evaluating, one that I really like is but they dont offer a reseller program and is limited to photography.

I have read Freshview isn't releasing their product roadmap but maybe this is something that they are working on.

Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi pardus, welcome to the forums!

LightCMS is a rebrandable CMS by ElementFusion (who are also behind the rebranded MailBuild site Breeze). It is free to try, and a pretty flexible and user friendly system.

Business Catalyst is a more advanced rebrandable CMS. It has many built in features that work smoothly together. It is free to try, and has one of the coolest signup processes I've seen on the web :)


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