Changing link to Helpcenter in client settings


If you're logged in as a customer there's a help-link on the upper right side of CM which leads to a, BTW very tidy, FAQ-page. Most of my customers speak german so I want to lead them to another, external help-area which is hosted by us or from another service (, etc.). SO, what do you think about the possibility to change the link in the client settings? Default link is of course to the Helpcenter of CM.

Curious about your opinion,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Boris, thank you for your feedback here. We don't really have plans to make this degree of interface customization available, but we're happy to take this into consideration. Potentially you could add a link to some German-language help resources on your site, all the same?

As a side-note, we don't have plans to localize our help pages, I'm sorry to say. Happy to add your vote, but for now the interface will be English-only.

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brx, 5 years ago


Yes sure we'll add a link to our own help-pages on our site. And that's the point: on our site we'll have a link to our own help-pages and in CM the help-link which points to yours. Moreover the content of both will be different. That's potentially puzzling for a customer, what do you think?

I don't want you to localize the help-pages of CM, I just like to change the link to the help pages which then points to our help-area, best would be in the client settings. Clients are then always on the same help-pages, through the links which are on our own site, in our help-mails AND in CM.

Another argument is that I'd like to be responsible for the content of the help-pages. To be more specific there are clients who are able to use the english interface of CM without problems but when it comes to reading more longer texts in english they're in a fix which leads to more support efforts for the designer.

Hope you get my point.

Thank you (Rose?) & kind regards,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Thank you Boris, I certainly get your point :) We'll certainly take this into consideration and will let you know if we make it possible to localize parts of the interface in this way :)

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