Looking for a developer - help!

Hi! Sorry if this isn't in the right forum. We're in urgent need of a developer who can assist us in customizing our forms and how customers/we interact with our email list in Campaign Monitor. We want to be able to do a number of things, and we're not entirely sure if some of them are even possible.
These include:

1) If a customer fills out a form, there should be a check first to see if the email address already exists in our list. Then any multiple option fields will be added to the existing record instead of overriding data already in the list.

2) Be able to dynamically pull field values from another database based on other choices selected. For example, if they pick a value (e.g. location drop-down), the next field will display a list of predetermined choices based on that previous selection. Alternatively, as they type/enter the information, it might pull similar existing data from a database (similar to how Google shows you possible search queries as you are typing).

3) Customizing the preference centre beyond the options we currently have, e.g. adding more description to a field value beyond what's in the custom fields, and also providing a sort of mini survey when someone clicks unsubscribe from there (e.g. "sorry to see you go, could you take a moment to tell us why you're unsubscribing")

4) Style and code the forms to match our branding and also enforce additional mandatory fields (beyond name, email)

Thanks so much! If you need more details, please provide your contact info and I can get in touch. :) Or send me an email!

jcandiloro, 5 years ago

Hi Mahua,

I might be able to help. jeffery@astraaustralis.com.au.



djschoone, 5 years ago

Hello Mahua,

Perhaps your looking for a developer on the other end of the world. If so, please don't hesitate to contact me at d.schoone@d-media.nl

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