Do you check against Robinson lists?


Being in the process of rebranding CM I checked the legal situation here in Austria. I stumbled upon 'Robinson lists' which are lists of people who do not wish to receive marketing transmissions. Here's a link:

The legal situation in Austria:
By unsolicited sending of electronic mail, the sender commits an administrative offense and shall be fined the amount of up to € 37.000, - to punish.

I read of other E-Mail-Marketing providers who import these lists and check against them. I can imagine they do this by a Robinson-Flag, a Boolean variable that is queried in the further processing when sending the campaign, whether the corresponding customer will be excluded from such a campaign.

I know that you take permission very serious and I know the types of permission a client MUST have so that he/she can send to their lists. But you never know.. a client could possibly import some adresses which are on a robinson list anyway.

I wonder what's your opinion on this.

Kind regards,

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Boris, thanks for the great question. To my knowledge, we don't import and check sends against Robinson Lists. The reasons for this are:

- Email senders should be able to show explicit permission for all subscribers on their lists, as stated in Campaign Monitor's anti-spam policy. This means that all subscribers have explicitly opted-in to receive email marketing communications (ie. solicited email), which somewhat negates the 'opt-out of everything' purpose that Robinson lists serve
- Robinson lists are only really relevant in situations where subscribers never opt-in at all for marketing communications. In the context of email, this is to discourage email address harvesting and list-purchasing. They tend to paired with direct mail and telemarketing, which until more recently, haven't been as actively regulated as email.

The bottom line is that if you're sending solicited email, then you're not in danger of falling on the wrong side of a Robinson list. We do take permission very seriously here and rapidly catch up with senders who aren't as careful with it as we are, which is how we maintain the good sender reputation that all our customers enjoy :)

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