Changing Templates does not change default text

Hi, when I'm resending an old campaign and I'd like to use a new template the template get's changed but it still displays the default description text of the old template. The fields I'm talking about are editable. I assume that when saving the campaign the default text is saved as user input and can't be changed by the new template. I'm just wondering if that's the case or if I'm doing something wrong?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi maniac55, this sounds about right - when you uodate templates, none of the <multiline> or <singleline> text should be changed. If you would like to use the default text in your new template, you will have to upload the new template separately (ie. don't update the old one) and create a new campaign.

Sorry about this, but I hope I've made this clearer for you.

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maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

Yes, thanks!

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