Same Email Address But Different Subscriber

Hi there,

I have a question that I hope that someone could help me out.

We are using the CM for our Church Newsletter and also for our International Conferences updates etc. As such we have families registering with the same email address. There are times where we sent out email updates to just the woman while at times to the man or personalised emails to the individuals. Since CM uses email address as unique ID, I can't do any of those mentioned above. Is there anyway I can overcome this?

Timothy Chew

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi again Timothy, sorry for the delay in response. At present, you can't send multiple emails to the same email address, I'm sorry to say. This makes things understandably tricky, so our recommendation would be to state, '1 newsletter per email address' on the signup form to work around this, if possible.

Sorry about this - we'll certainly keep this scenario in mind when we look at managing lists in the future.

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