Removing those that never open/click an email

Hi :)

A client of ours sends their emails to 10,000 contacts. For each mailing they do, about 7,000 of those don't even bother to open/click the email. Is there a way to easily tell if it's the same people and if so - unsubscribe them?

Like (in a perfect world) a "If they haven't bothered to read our last 6 amazing emails, remove them from the system" button?...

... or... a way something similar can be achieved whilst we don't have aforementioned "magic button"?

Thank you.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Kris2, welcome to the forums! You sure can use segments to find out who hasn't been responding. Instead of unsubscribing the folks in the segment immediately, you can consider sending a re-engagement campaign, potentially to find out why they're not responding and/or ask if they want to remain on the list - here's an example. Thanks, Kris! Hope this helps.

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