Subscription Confirmation and refer to a friend

I've created a subscribe form for my site that sends out a subscription confirmation email.  I'd like to add a refer a friend link to the confirmation email, but using the <referafriend> tag isn't working.  Can you please tell me how I can do this?



Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey Mike, the <forwardtoafriend> tag only works in the campaigns you send right now sorry, and not any welcome emails you set up for your lists. Having said that, I've noted your request of this feature and if it's something we hear a lot we'll certainly consider supporting it.

mike66, 9 years ago

Thanks, Dave.  I have worked out a way to do it, but I'm not sure if it's OK from a system/spam POV.

If I put a refer a friend link in a campaign, it generates a URL (e.g. I can then embed that link in my welcome email and it brings up a refer a friend page that seems to work OK.

Is this an OK use of the system?

Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Mike, I'd definitely steer clear of that process. I can't really see how allowing a new subscriber to forward an old campaign to a friend when they sign up is really adding any value. Once the friend receives the newsletter, what do they do next?

Forward to a friend is great for spreading an interesting email with friends when you receive it. Your approach involves a new subscriber forwarding something they've never even seen before, so I don't see why they would bother. Instead, I'd focus on these tips to make the welcome email as beneficial as possible.

mike66, 9 years ago

Hi Dave

Thanks very much for the link.  I think I've come up with a solution for this, but tell me what you think.

I'm going to put a simple 'tell a friend' mailto link or form on the subscription confirmation web page.  Subscribers can then use this form to email their friends with a link to the site.  I think this is much better from a spam POV, as the friends are getting an email from someone they know, not from my site.

In the body of the email will be a link to a specific friends page: e.g. that includes a standard subscription signup form.  People who use this form will be added to a separate friends subscriber list, so I can track how many signups are original and how many are 'tell a friend' referrals.

I thought I'd explain this in detail, in case anyone else finds it useful.



Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Thanks for the clarification Mike, that sounds like a great approach. be sure to update us with how it all goes.

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