Wishlist: Report on failed contact imports

When you import contacts from a file, after processing we often get a message like this:

You successfully added 388 new subscribers to this list and 26 were either updated, were duplicates, or suppressed

This is a really unhelpful message!  I am usually provided with a campaign list by my clients and then I import them into the system on their behalf.  What would be nice is if I could download a report (CSV or whatever) at this stage which showed exactly why there were problems processing each of those contacts ("duplicate contact" or "on suppression list" would be good).  Then I could forward it onto my client and they could update their databases.

At the moment I have no way of providing this feedback to my clients and we are unable to see which contacts failed, short of a manual export of the list and then comparing row by row.


simonbyrne, 6 years ago

P.S. I suggested this two years ago ;-)

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roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Simon, rocks on our head for dragging this one out - we've had a few requests for this and it would totally be helpful to itemize which email addresses weren't imported. Will give this one a nudge for you and keep you posted as we progress. Thanks again for the great feedback!

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simonbyrne, 6 years ago

Well, maybe not rocks.  But custard pies perhaps?!  This would be super helpful.  Thanks, Ros.

Lupo Creative
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specialblend, 6 years ago

Sweet thanks Ros - This has been an issue with my clients lists too.

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