What toolkit does CM use for the graphs?


I really like the graphs in Campaign Monitor reports.  I need a good graphing tool for an application I'm creating and have tried the Yahoo javascript tools - ok but I don't think its as flexible as yours, you certainly can't create links on them that allow you to dig deeper.

What do you use?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

We use .net Charting right now, and we're also playing around with some other charting components to see what our options are for reporting improvements.

Both of the components mentioned above are very flexible, and I can recommend them both.

emnm, 9 years ago

Thanks, the anychart is v.nice but the price!  I've spent the day playing about with fusioncharts (fusioncharts.com) which has at least 1 license option I can afford.

bc173, 7 years ago

I would like to integrate charts of campaign results in a webpage. I'm planning to retrieve the data with GetSummary and using Google Charts to visualize the data (I'm already doing that to plot the number of mailings per month on a year timeline).

But I wonder whether I'm re-inventing the wheel. Maybe I can integrate the Flash charts that CM is using on their snapshot pages? Is there any documentation on that?

Stig Stig, 7 years ago


The Flash chart solution we use now is called amCharts.

We don't have any documentation on how to use them with Campaign Monitor data specifically, unfortunately. Your best bet is probably to look at the source code of your Campaign Monitor reports, as well as the amCharts documentation.


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