Editor Accessibility via JAWS - missing keyboard shortcuts

I have a client who would like to use Campaign Monitor. She is blind, and a very experienced user of the JAWS screen reader software.

I've just completed a test session with her using Campaign Monitor via JAWS. Campaign Monitor worked very well right up to the point where she had chosen her Template and was ready to edit an article.

In the editor page, the Edit / Trash / + Add New buttons at the top of each repeater element could not be acquired via JAWS.

They can't be acquired using a keyboard at all it seems - using the keyboard to move to the next focus item navigates to different items within the editor page (links etc), but doesn't find a focus on the Edit/Trash/Add New buttons.

The same applies to the Return to Snapshot / Preview button in the top ribbon. And looking at Campaign Snapshot page, to the graphical Edit buttons on the right (which would stop any draft campaigns from being edited).

Any suggestions on how the new Campaign Monitor editor should be used with the JAWS screen reader?

Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago


Thanks for your feedback on this, we appreciate it. We dont have an instant answer for you I'm afraid, as we're not JAWS experts. The links in the editor are created via script and so may not be accessible in the HTML document depending on how JAWS works.

We would have to do some more investigation to see exactly what is happening and whether it can be worked around, and I will make a note to look into that.

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om4, 6 years ago

Thanks Mathew, it seems Campaign Monitor is very close to being accessible, with perhaps just some aspects of the interface creating issues. JAWS is the world's most popular screen reader, so it is a pretty useful test bench when it comes to accessibility.

I note Campaign Monitor is a proud founder of the Email Standards Project that "... works with email client developers and the design community to improve web standards support and accessibility in email."

With over 50,000 clients, Campaign Monitor is not a startup in email anymore. Do you have software development standards in relation to accessibility? If not, would it be possible to introduce them so users with visual impairments (and other accessibility requirements) can benefit from using Campaign Monitor as well?

I don't expect an instant answer, but it would be great to get some feedback at some point so I can share with our client.

om4, 6 years ago
Mathew :


... would have to do some more investigation to see exactly what is happening and whether it can be worked around, and I will make a note to look into that.

Just checking whether you can offer any work arounds yet.

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