Tracking actions (orders, downloads)


Is there a way to go beyond click tracking in a campaign to include completed actions statistics. Like, this user opened, clicked and then purchased a product or downloaded a PDF or any other action.

How would you suggest that we integrate this with existing CM statistics? Or any other ideas how to do that?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hey TomazL, this is something you could do using Google Analytics by tagging the links in your campaign so you can track the specific actions your subscribers then took on your web site

We've got a few plans to make this integration a little easier, which we plan on announcing soon.

tomazl, 9 years ago

Dave, thanks!

Yes, I was thinking about GA, but is this tracking then per subscriber or just per campaign? I mean, can I track particular subscriber and his completed actions or can I just track a campaign as such?


Stig Stig, 9 years ago

Hi TomazL,
this depends on how you tag your links.

If you follow my instructions in this post, you will be able to track each subscriber.

By setting up ecommerce tracking in Google Analytics, you can follow each subscriber through the whole process.


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Dave Dave, 9 years ago

TomazL, you'll be pleased to know that we've just launched our Google Analytics feature, and put together a complete guide to tracking things like orders, downloads and sales for any emails you send with Campaign Monitor.

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