best approach to reverse sync large lists?

Hi all,

I'm currently using the API to add and update subscribers FROM my web app TO cm, including unsubscribes.
This is fine even for large lists (>5000) as the api transactions are initiated by my webapp, triggered by user events and update a subscriber record one at a time.

What about syncing the other way? capturing the fact that a percentage of the list may have clicked unsubscribe after a campaign - now the cm list knows about the unsubscribe but my web app doesn't.

For a web app to use the cm api to pull back a large list doesn't scale well, better to use a non web app, or is there a better way?

What is the recommended method for using the api to discover the 'status' and other attributres of each list?

WHat about timings, given that emails can be read / unsubscribed many days after the campaign?



seanr, 9 years ago

Have just stumbled upon this post:

which half answers the question, but leaves bounces etc without a 'broadcast' path.

Any plans on implementing something similar for bounces?



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