Features Request

Hello, we have a couple of requests for features we would like to see added or modified:

1. Restrict Client's Abilities to Create Subscriber Lists

We would like to be able to restrict our clients' abilities to create subscriber lists. We want them to be able to add/edit/delete subscribers in existing lists, but not to create new lists. This would allow us to lift this responsibility from our clients, and gather more revenue by charging them for our time required to create lists for them. The majority of our clients are novice users, and allowing them to create lists adds an extra level of confusion to the process.

2. Set Unsubscribe Settings as Default for All Client's Lists

We would like to have the ability to set the unsubscribe redirect for the client's entire account, instead of on a list-by-list basis. We want to track users who are unsubscribing via a script on our server that is passed parameters through the unsubscribe redirect (in Unsubscribe settings), but if a client creates a new list, this value won't be set, and we won't be able to track people who unsubscribe from the new list.

Either of the above additions would be excellent improvements to the service.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi dharrison, welcome to the forums. So sorry we didn't follow up your feature request earlier here, but glad it didn't fall off the radar as you've got some solid feedback.

1. Restrict Client's Abilities to Create Subscriber Lists

You can already do this by deselecting 'Manage their lists and subscribers' on the 'Edit access and billing' screen, under the 'Client Settings' tab. Here's what this looks like. Hopefully this ticks one off the list for you!

2. Set Unsubscribe Settings as Default for All Client's Lists

Ah, good call - I'll most certainly note your interest in this and keep you posted.

Thanks again for the requests and keep them coming - we'll certainly respond to them more promptly in the future.

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