Working With Lists In The API

I've been using the CM API for some time now.

We have a database of about 10,000 contacts that my organization works with.  These contacts are distributed across about 40 lists.

Some contacts belong in multiple lists.  For instance someone may be in List 1 and List 20.

It's very simple to add users to lists or unsubscribe users but what if you DON'T want to unsubscribe them but just temporarily move them out of a particular list.

For instance you may have a list of "paid subscribers" and "unpaid subscribers" and when someone doesn't pay their bills the get removed from the "paid subscribers" list.  Problem is when they finally pay their bills and you want to add them back to your "paid subscribers" list but they are in the suppressed list because you unsubscribed them at some point.

Is there any secret method to simply "removing" a subscriber from a list rather than "unsubscribing" them?

Thank You

jamesd jamesd, 5 years ago

We'll soon be adding support for moving subscribers to the deleted state from the API, which you can do through the web app. Apologies that this functionality isn't already available. We'll let you know here when we've released that change.

davidh, 5 years ago

We have now added a method to delete subscribers to the API.

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