How to add new subscribers to an existing segment?

We have two lists, one which our customers signup to automatically and a second for resellers of our product which we manually update. (add in when resellers join us and remove when they leave us).
We send two types of email content to these resellers. One goes to all resellers and one goes just to reseller managers.

So in order to do this we have so far read in a list of 290 of our resellers, with a custom fields based on what type of communications they should receive (so we can setup two segments based on that field)

If at the end of this week we have 5 more resellers to add into the system how do we add those individuals to our existing two segments?

Diana Diana, 6 years ago


When you import those new resellers you'll just want to make sure they have custom fields with data that matches your segment rules. As long as that's there they'll be automatically added to your segments. So if you have a field that's reseller and everyone has yes or no for example and the reseller segment looks for everyone with a yes, just make sure the new subscribers you're entering have that field with a yes and they'll be added to that segment.

Hope that helps, but if it doesn't make sense let me know!

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
adamlcasey, 6 years ago

Thanks Diana, that worked a treat.

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