Segments not being added when creating a new campaign via API

I am using the createsend-dotnet-1.0.15.dll in my console application and able to create the campaign with no issues, however the segments are failing to be added and including all subscribers on the list: Below is the code:

Campaign Campaign;
List<string> Lists = new List<string>();
List<string> Segments = new List<string>();

string result = Campaign.Create( "699f484ce4e3c207287b4b15db43769e", "Test Campaign15", "Test_Campaign15", "Gid", "", "", "", "", Lists, Segments);

Any help would be appreciated.

Phil Phil, 5 years ago


Campaigns will be sent to the entirety of any included listIDs. Your Lists do include a ListID, so that's why it's being included. If you only want to include the segments, just leave Lists empty. The segmentIDs are sufficient by themselves.


automat, 5 years ago

Just lost 2 hours of my life. This should be explained in the create.php sample

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