What's you bounced email workflow? (how do you fix bounces?)

I'm new to campaign monitor, I've sent my first 3 campaigns but I'm getting a lot of bounces.
(Hard, Soft, General, MailBlock-Spam) The information about the types of bounces is very generic and I'm wondering what process I should be following each time I've sent a campaign and I have bounces to reduce them in the future.

adamlcasey, 6 years ago

Anyone, like to share with me their process for fixing bounces.
Other than trying to email the 14 people who's email rejected our mail out and asking them to white list our email address. I'm not sure what to do?

Stig Stig, 6 years ago

Hey Adam,

I know this question was really intended for other customers, and how they handle this for their own lists, but I just thought I'd chime in. In most cases when an address bounces, it's because no email be delivered to this address, either temporarily (e.g. full mailbox) or permanently (e.g. domain doesn't exist). Some bounces can also be caused by the specific email being blocked, and if the bounce message indicates that this is so, this should be reflected in the reports in your account.

So while most bounces are legitimate, and they are handled automatically, there may be some cases where you'll want to contact the recipient to see if they're blocking the email. If you're seeing unexpected bounces, you can also contact us with the specific addresses, to see if it's something we can get more details on.


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adamlcasey, 6 years ago

Ok here's my scenario, what steps would you take next:

Total bounces = 14 (each bounced address has happened on two separate campaigns)
7 General Bounces
5 Mail Blocked Spam Detected (3 of which are all emails on the same domain name)
1 Soft Bounce DNS failure
1 Hard Bounce

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi adam, as Stig mentioned earlier, bounces are handled automatically, so I'd probably just sit it out. From the look of things, most of these bounces are caused by factors that are outside of our control (eg. a general bounce may be something like the recipient's mailbox is full, or mail server is having troubles), so there's probably not much that can be done by yourself to avoid them.

As before, feel free to contact our team with account and campaign details if you would like us to look into this further.

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adamlcasey, 6 years ago

Hi Ros, I'm still trying to understand yours and Stig comments regarding "bounces are handled automatically"
What does that mean exactly? Do you mean that the system will try again automatically at a later date?

Also What about the 3 emails (all on the same domain) that have bounced twice now due to spam detected.
Note: We did have the word 'FREE' 4 times in a fairly low word count email in our first mailing.

We sent the second campaign with the word FREE completely removed from the text (other than in images). These emails are going out to our resellers to educate them on new offers we're running that they can give to their customers. This email is sent once a month and will usually contain content about offers, so I not sure how to make sure we aren't constantly being flagged by the spam software?

Thanks for your help again.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Adam, snip from this help topic...

Once an email has soft bounced 3 times without any trackable activity it will automatically be converted to a hard bounce and be removed from your list... Our email sending application automatically moves subscribers that hard bounce into a "Bounced Subscribers" category, so they don't receive future campaigns.

Essentially, if a subscriber has 3 soft bounces in a row from 3 separate campaign sends, or one 1 hard bounce, then they're moved to 'Bounced subscribers'.

I believe spam bounces are treated differently - each campaign is different, so I'm pretty sure we keep sending to these addresses. It's hard to say exactly what could be tripping off spam filters without seeing the campaign content, but you're right, having words like 'FREE' may well do it. That said, spam filters are a finicky bunch and any campaign will always get filtered by at least a few accounts - most of the time, they won't return notifications, either.

I highly recommend you follow the tips in this post if you're motivated to lift your delivery rates. While bounces will always naturally occur after every email send, you can at least reduce the spam-related ones by giving these techniques a shot. All the best! :D

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adamlcasey, 6 years ago

Thanks Ros, I'll work my way through that tips post.

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