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Wanted to add my vote to combining, Email Client Usage with the Link Activity & Overlay feature. Add a, "mobile", "tablet" and "desktop" tab on the overlay. That way I can easily see what users are clicking on by device type.


- Anna

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hey Anna, great to hear from you! Thanks for the feedback here, that's a great call. I've added your vote for this internally and will keep you posted on whether it's something we plan on adding in the future.

Just on that note though, do you think something like a 'mobile preview' would be of benefit? Just thinking out loud in regards to whether such an overlay as we have it now could be a bit confusing for campaigns with media queries. For example, the links that work well on the mobile version of an email could look radically different from what's displayed on the desktop.

Thanks again for the feedback, it's a great idea to combine the two reports, so we'll certainly look into this :)

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style campaign style campaign, 6 years ago

Hi Ros! Yeah it could get confusing with @media as you could have hidden containers ect, also webmail with native vs. via browser. I'll leave it up to you :)

I wanted to know if certain parts of my newsletter appeal to users on different devices. e.g. are iPhone users clicking on blog posts or sticking to shorter content like my YouTube vids..that kind of thing. There are 3rd party tools I can use in the meantime, but it would be handy to have it built in to CM.

- Anna

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