additional space being added after hyperlinks

Hi folks,

Something odd I've noticed recently. Whenever I have a hyperlink within my message, CM is adding an additional space character after it, meaning any links immediately preceding a comma look stupid.

Any idea why this might be happening?


PMcKern, 6 years ago

Tech support told me it was because the line of HTML for that paragraph was too long, and their system was looking for a place to add a break (to prevent some other glitch in a particular email client, if I remember right), and whatever it does to make that break causes the space to appear. Fixes include: making the paragraph short enough that this doesn't happen, maybe reducing style code to shorten the line of HTML (thinking of trying this in one client's template, as they're just too fond of big, heavy paragraphs, and I probably have some unnecessary stuff in there), or going into the code and adding a couple of returns inside the quotation marks of an otherwise unused attribute (like typing in id="", putting the cursor between the quotation marks, and hitting enter a couple of times), thus preempting the system's own attempts to break the line and creating an otherwise invisible change that fixes the glitch.

Problem is, I've now got the editor undoing this for me, so the fix doesn't stick, at least in this one client's newsletter....

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Robert and PMcKern, thanks for letting us know about this. In addition to the fixes PMcKern has recommended, we usually just say to add a line break in your code just before long <a href="..."> tags - I know this isn't always satisfactory, so we'll look at how we can improve this on our end.

PMcKern - Curious that the editor isn't automatically formatting the code to prevent this. Could you be as kind as to contact our support team with details and a link to a campaign where you've seen this happen? We'd certainly like to iron this out.

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