Image width constraint problem

Hi all,

In my template I have an image that is editable and has the width and height specified. If I try to replace this image in the editor with one that has a smaller width, the image comes in fine. If I try and replace this image with one that has a longer width, the new image seems to be set to the default width and is distorted. How do I bring in new images that aren't constrained to the default width?



Robert Simpson, 6 years ago

Hi Chris,

You can't, the width must be defined in the code, the height you can leave out if you want but the width has to be given. My guess is this is so any of your clients can't upload images which are too big for the layout, meaning you as a designer retain control over the layout and the aesthetic.


Mindsplit, 6 years ago

Yeah that's what I was thinking too but I was hoping there was a workaround. I guess I will have to go into the code and change things up.



Mathew Mathew, 6 years ago

Robert is right, we let the designer specify the maximum width to control the layout to a greater degree. In addition, not setting the height is the way to go to avoid distortion, so the height can adapt to the changes in width.

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