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We have integrated CM with our ticketing CRM system. We would like to handle the unsubscribe functionality ourselves: when syncing our customers to CM, we provide a unique unsubscribe link for each customer , and we include it in the email-templates using the square brackets syntax.

Our problem is that we also need to provide the <unsubscribe> tag in the mail, so we actually have 2 unsubscribe links in the mails. Is there a way to solve this, either by hiding the default unsubscribe link, or by replacing the default unsubscribe link with our custom link?


Diana Diana, 6 years ago

Hi Bart,

I'm afraid not. As per our terms of use, we actually require that you use our unsubscribe rather than any other unsubscribe mechanism. Meaning you'll need to remove your separate unsubscribe link and use *only* ours in your campaigns. You can use a method like this or use the API to sync unsubscribe with your system instead.

D. Potter
Campaign Monitor
bartdeman, 6 years ago

Hi Diana,

Thanks for the answer! We will try out your first suggestion then and use the redirect to process the unsubscribe in our CRM system.


Ernie, 6 years ago

Hi Bart. We are in the same boat and use the 'Redirect unsubscribers to your own confirmation page' function to capture the unsubscribers email address eg. /unsubscribe.php?user=[email]which in turn allows us to update our own database.

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