General API question... Client API key vs. Account API key.

We're developing our app against the Campaign Monitor API, and I'm trying to understand something. If a CM customer wants to get all their subscriber lists, are they going to need the Account API Key and the Client API key, or just the Client API key?

This is for Visage ( if that helps clear things up. I don't imagine "clients" in the CM sense of the world would use this tool, but CM Account holders, working on behalf of clients.

It appears the Client API key is sufficient in the docs. Which brings me another question, but I'll post that one separately.


tobyb tobyb, 5 years ago

To get all lists owned by a single client you may use either the Account API Key or the Client API Key. Using the Client API Key will only give you access to the resources (campaigns, lists, etc) owned by that client, whilst using the Account API Key will give you access to all resources owned by the master account.

Generally the Client API Key will be sufficient, if your making calls for an entire account then the  Account Key might make more sense.

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