Looking for Australian white label SMS marketing solution

At the risk of hijacking Campaign Monitor's forum I thought this would be a good place to find like minded people who may have a found a good SMS marketing provider in Australia. I'd love to hear of any recommendations you may have or who to avoid.

If Camapign Monitor is planning such a service let me know too!

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago

We're not planning anything in that area, and we don't really know much about SMS providers I'm afraid. Perhaps someone else does though.

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travisbell travisbell, 9 years ago

I can't say I know of any Australian providers, but I can vouch for Clickatell. They offer a great (and reasonably priced) service along with some great API's.



Travis Bell
dod dod, 9 years ago

I can vouch for Clickatell, great service, great product (and South African!) and the most extensive API connectivity options I have ever seen!

I have integrated their SMS gateway into a number of projects. It's not quite white-label, but if you have a development / coding resource available it may be a solution for you.

DB, 9 years ago

Communicator Interactive   Connectivity Services provide premium SMS aggregation as well as non-premium 2-way (MO & MT) SMS marketing.  Based in Sydney and specialising in the delivery and billing of mobile messages and data services including SMS, MMS and WAP push to mobile subscribers throughout Australia, New Zealand and globally.

Connecting to the standard and premium messaging gateway is via a single open standards based API. 

Contact:  daniel.balfour@communicator.com.au

braddown, 8 years ago

For an easy to use white label SMS marketing web application try BurstSMS.


- Australian owned and developed
- 10c per message
- Customisable Sender ID
- Personalise messages with recipients name
- Full easy to use white label system, just add logo and customise colours
- Global delivery (except USA)
- No download required
- Schedule message delivery
- Upload CSV or VCard files
- Web form to add contacts directly from your site
- Bullet proof delivery

+ an opt-out system is in the pipeline. Utilising a shared long-code to finally give a cost effective opt-out solution.

For information contact Brad Down at Known on 0439410654 or email support@burstsms.com

SLI, 8 years ago

We have a complete SMS/MMS whitelabel solution.  In development for some time we have recently upgraded and launched our new messenger system is Oz, having been built ontop of a succesfult system operational for 6 years.  The system is free to try ! You only pay for the messages you send!

Check it out!


Some key features:

-MMS included
-Fully inbuilt Data and Unsubscribe management
-Full inbuilt Campaign Reporting
-Full system or API connection
-As well as a range of other and standard features.


victorsvenson, 8 years ago

This is not white label either but you can have a look at this SMS gateway software: http://www.ozekisms.com
They sell only the software, so you will still need to find a provider. Unfortunately I don't know any in Australia. :(

adamfitzgerald, 8 years ago

MessageMedia are fantastic. Have delivered every message without fail in over 4 years of use.

Was using Clickatell before that, but international SMS providers tend to be a bit flaky delivering to Australia. Usually if you're in Australia and the SMS provider is charging you 10c or less, the messages are coming from overseas.

There's not really a margin to be made on this sort of service, but if you're looking for 100% reliability and ease of use with an easy to use API they'd be my pick.


nashavvi, 8 years ago


  Text messaging technology uses an SMS gateway to hook up any mobile SMS service to an existing instant message service, Word Wide Web, PDA devices, personal computers and to any landline phone. Some devices with Bluetooth devices can connect to a mobile phone similar to a modem sending SMS through wireless networks. SMS have been widely used with either GSM or non GSM systems.

For more info log on : http://www.relaystation.co.uk

ozmo ozmo, 8 years ago

DistributIT now also offer SMS & Email Broadcast Solutions.


Cup of tea for the big fella?
carolyn, 7 years ago

SMS marketing is now not far that you have to look for any advertisment compaigns but try own sms compaigns through sms gatreway SMS Gateway is one of the applications introduced by wire2air to connect with your customer by web sms, email to sms gateway service, dedicated shortcode and mobile site builder etc. for you can get on http://www.wire2air.com

RKL, 7 years ago

Not white label but has never let me down, its targeted at sports organisation. Oh and its free!


carolyn, 7 years ago

I come back at discussion board to suggest you mobile marketing companies online.  There are so many mobile marketing online that provides sms marketing solution in Australia like Txtimpact.com, wire2air.com, Wapframe.com, mobilemarketingpro.net etc. visit to any one of the sites and get start your marketing today.

Mobile Marketing Solutions

grmacgregor, 7 years ago

I have come across a few good alternatives, SumoText.com, works quite well but i believe it may only be US/Can.  BurstSMS is also good and seems reliable, gBlast SMS Marketing is also good.

The problem I have is that none of the services I have found yet integrate with my other CRM solutions.

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