Sending a mail to multiple segments

Hope you can help here folks and apologies if I have missed something in the help section.

The problem I am having is that I want to send a mail to a combination of people who have clicked, opened and subscribed to us within the last year as we have 4 years worth of data. Currently as I can see within segments, you cannot have more than one criteria unless you specify "AND", there is no "OR" option e.g. I have recent opens for my last 15 campaigns and wish to add the criteria "OR have subscribed in the last three months" currently you can only add a further criteria with AND rather than OR.

As a result, the only solution I can see is to send to multiple segments. If you do this however and there are addresses that appear in more than one segment, does campaign monitor recognise the duplicates and only send and charge for one email to the addressee?

Thanks so much for any help in advance.

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi Gareth, welcome to the forums. You are correct - at present, you can only use OR in conjunction with a single criteria, like 'Email was Opened'. The solution is to use multiple segments (as you say), which is fine, as we search and remove duplicate email addresses prior to sending your campaign... And bill you for uniques accordingly.

Thanks, Gareth - happy to add your vote for more flexible segments, but it's likely we'll be sticking to the multiple segment route for a little while to come.

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Gareth Webtogs Gareth Webtogs, 5 years ago

Thanks for the welcome and the clear answer - much appreciated!

MrAnalogy, 3 years ago

That's very helpful.

BTW the problem of "no OR for specifying segments" is solved, for me, by how this works: choose mutliple segments and it does a  SEND to anyone on  ANY (logical OR) segements.

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