Forward to a friend - multiple languages possible on one account?

Is it possible to change the "forward to a friend" form to display different languages on the same account depending on the campaign? So, for example -

Account name = Really Big Industry

Campaign 1 - this is the English version of the newsletter and the form must be in English.

Campaign 2 - this is the Russian version of the newsletter and the form must be in Russian.

Campaign 3 - etc..

Is this possible?

It looks like it isn't but I'd like come clarification on this. I guess the only way around is to set up multiple accounts - one for each language.

Bert, 6 years ago

Yeah, that's great, BeetFriniatap. Now if you wouldn't mind not spamming my thread with rubbish that no one is going to buy.

Greg Strutton Greg Strutton, 6 years ago

Hi Bert,

Sorry about all the spam there, we have had an increase in that recently.  We are looking at ways to help reduce it at the moment.

In regards to your question, each client can be set up so their Forward to a Friend page is customised for their specific language.  As this is set at the client level, you can't set it on a campaign by campaign basis.

The best suggestion we have is to set up clients for each specific language available within the account.  So, for example:

Account name: Really Big Industry
Client: Really Big Industry - English = English set up within the client settings
Client: Really Big Industry - Russian = Russian set up within the clients settings
etc etc

For more details on customising the Forward to a Friend page, please see:

I hope that helps

Bert, 6 years ago

Thanks Greg. That's what I figured! maybe you guys would consider adding this functionality at campaign level at some stage?

P.S. All the best fighting the spammers.

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