Client Report Access


I'm trying to set up a Client Report account for internal use that provides us the campaigns for all of our clients. I know that you can simply log in to CM and see all of these, but this is not white labeled. I'd like to set up all of the campaigns on our client report access site. Is there a way to do this? or even have multiple accounts for one client.

Any help would be much appreciated.

Mathew Mathew, 9 years ago


Maybe you can explain more about why you would like to do this, rather than login to Campaign Monitor? Is it to hide Campaign Monitor from your staff members? Currently that is not possible, as only the account owner can see all the clients and campaigns.

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mgarrett, 9 years ago

Thanks for the reply.

We have prospective clients come into our offices who are interested in seeing the reports and as such, we would like to have them all under one central location. Any advice?

g-wiz, 9 years ago

Best solution we've found is a demo account or just showing our own newsletters.
As a client I wouldn't be happy knowing other people were being shown our campaigns!

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