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Is anyone aware of a Yahoo Update or so. We are getting weird Yahoo displays of our emails since last week. A certain part of the HTML is displayed again at the bottom. All other clients are looking alright and we didn't have the problem in Yahoo so far.


oneblackcrayon oneblackcrayon, 6 years ago

Hi maniac55!
Can you post a screenshot or copy of your code?

maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

Hi Frederick,

here is a screenshot

and here is the code. It's a bit old fashioned but it worked so far so I didn't feel to modernize it :) Template

Carissa Carissa, 6 years ago

Hi maniac55,

I've just responded to you over email, but for the benefit of others, this was a result of a strange bug we've seen a couple of times in Yahoo. They have a script which highlights things like locations in email text, and sometimes this breaks the layout. The "Abuja, Nigeria" text was the trigger in this campaign. You can see it's the first bit of text that is copied at the bottom, and if you see something like this I'd recommend removing the location names in the repeated text until you can find the cause of the problem. Weird, huh?

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maniac55 maniac55, 6 years ago

Thanks Carissa, for getting light into this one :) We also have this problem for other newsletters using different templates. I checked and it's always breaking when a location is mentioned. Unfortunately we can't overcome this as for trainings and events its vital to know where it takes place :) So thanks to Yahoo for this neat "feature".

Interestingly this didn't happen some month ago. So I assume an update at Yahoo or we were just lucky and didn't trigger it before. Hope to find a workaround for the next campaign.

Diana Diana, 6 years ago

It does seem to have popped up just within the last few weeks. Hopefully Yahoo fixes it on their end soon.

D. Potter
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