Manually adding newsletters to an archive

I transferred from Aweber to Campaign Monitor a couple of months ago and I am glad I did....!

However, I have 18 months worth of old newsletters in my Aweber archive. What I would like to do is import them somehow into Campaign Monitor so they show up automatically in my Campaign Monitor archive. I don't mind doing copy and paste - but how might I get old newsletters into my Campaign Monitor account without sending them out...?

grahamjones grahamjones, 6 years ago

I've done a workaround - exported all the Aweber newsletters as HTML pages, uploaded them via FTP to my site, then listed them in the same format as the Campaign Monitor archive listing. Can you spot the difference?

(Yes, I know I've got to change the names to make them more interesting than "newsletter" - but at least I now have a clickable archive of newsletters created on Aweber and Campaign Monitor).

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi grahamjones, thank you for sharing your solution with us. That's what we would have suggested, as there isn't really a way of automatically importing campaigns from other email services into Campaign Monitor.

We're really glad to have you on board, so keep up the great work! Have a lovely week ahead :)

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dialogcrm, 5 years ago

I have a client who has sent out some newsletters with incorrect intros or other mistakes. Is there a way to edit the archive copies so that the corrected versions will appear in the auto archive function please?

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 5 years ago

Hi dialogcrm, your best bet is to contact our team with campaign details and correct versions of the newsletters in question. We can update the webversions of these campaigns on our end (ie. update the content), however not campaign names/archive titles. I hope this helps!

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dialogcrm, 5 years ago

OK thanks - it is just content only and in most cases - just intro sections - names and other details will be fine.

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