Outlook/Exchange 2010 - Font/size/color all wrong

Hi, I am setting up a campaign but have tested it before I send. I sent it to myself and I use Outlook 2010. When I view the message in Outlook 2010 (or OWA) the fonts are all wrong. The font style and the font colour are wrong and all links are in the default format (blue and underlined).

Needless to say this doesnt look good, and as the majority of my recipients are using Outlook I want to fix this before sending out. Has anyone seen this before? It occurs even with your basic pre-made templates. I made a new campaign, chose a basic template and only changed some text to send as a test.

It shows fine on my gmail, and if I click "Web Version". I realise this may be an issue at this end with Outlook 2010 or Exchange 2010 but I would appreciate any help if you or anyone you know has experienced this before.


roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi Survivex, welcome to the forums! Both Outlook and OWA are an absolute rendering minefield. However, this post may provide a couple of fixes to common issues like why CSS styles may not be working when applied to your fonts and layout.

Also, feel free to post your code and screenshots here if you would like us to make any suggestions - we're always happy to take a look for you.

The bottom line is that it's very unlikely that an email campaign in Outlook (or any other email client) will look identical to the web version in the browser. Keep in mind that each has different rendering capabilities and therefore, it's important that you focus on making the message readable, over making it pixel-perfect under all conditions.

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