Problem with tracking links

I've tried searching the help and the forums for this problem, but haven't found anything helpful, so hopefully someone can help.

The section of our site where our videos sit contain several double slashes in the URL, but when these links are converted from the email sent by CM, one of the double slashes is removed and then the link no longer works.

For example:
Original link:
Tracking link in CM email:
Link as resolved by browser:

The links in the video section (obviously) works on their own, in regular emails etc, it's only when they've been included in a CM email that we see this problem.

Does anyone have any ideas?


Dave Dave, 9 years ago

Hi Carole,

It's certainly possible these double slashes are causing a problem with how we parse/redirect links when tracking clicks for you. We'll run a few quick test at our end to see if the issue is avoidable.

Ken Ken, 9 years ago

Hi Carole,

There's nothing we can do about it, unfortunately. When the request is made to us, the double slashes have already been removed, even before we redirect the link to your link. It's more than likely that the extraneous slashes are stripped by IIS (what we use) as they are not needed.

Sorry we couldn't be any more help. Is there any chance you can change you're link so that it doesn't have the extraneous slashes?

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