Linking to a .vcs or .ics file

Hey all. I have heard of it done on these forums and would love to link to a .vcs or .ics file. What I have done is host the file externally and link to it from an image within the HTML email. The problem is when I click on that link I am taken to a page with just the textual information. I would love for it to open a calendar in Outlook or similar to accept the times or at the very least download the file for opening with the email client.

Any help would be great!

Bullchicken Bullchicken, 6 years ago

Your web server might not be set up with the correct mime types to deliver the files properly. Have a look at this, it might help

roshodgekiss roshodgekiss, 6 years ago

Hi TravisT, from personal experience i've always linked back to both a Google Calendar event and an ics file. Bullchicken is on the money here, but I've also found that not all browsers deal with .ics files in the same way, so a Google Calendar event is a good backup to have.

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